Author: Todd Hutchisen

Fa-la-la à l’Acadia

We are happy to present a holiday offering for you to enjoy on the eve of another Covid Christmas: We hope you have been able to stay healthy this holiday season, and also that when you listen to this album you can feel the holiday love that we’re sending your way: from our studio to… Read more »

Acadia upgrades to a new custom patchbay!

Right before the pandemic hit, things were really humming here at Acadia. We had a record number of musical projects in the works and had just completed a major upgrade: the design and installation of a custom 384-point TT (bantam) patchbay to connect every piece of gear in our control room. Our previous patchbay setup… Read more »

2020 at Acadia

Well, this was… a year. But we’re thankful that despite it all we were still able to keep our doors open and make music. We’ve listed more details with links to listen and buy music below. Row 1 L-R: Turn Blue (Single) from Crystal Canyon Biloxi (Single) from Lauren Crosby Feat. Griffin Sherry The Homebodies… Read more »