Acadia upgrades to a new custom patchbay!

Right before the pandemic hit, things were really humming here at Acadia. We had a record number of musical projects in the works and had just completed a major upgrade: the design and installation of a custom 384-point TT (bantam) patchbay to connect every piece of gear in our control room.

Our previous patchbay setup consisted of 1/4″ TRS bays which were unreliable and difficult to keep plugged in properly due to the sheer number of 1/4 plugs and the effects of gravity.

After some research it was clear there was one guy right for the task. We enlisted the services of Bob Hickey – AKA Mr. Patchbay.

We ordered four, high quality Audio Accessories 96 point units and via a large and complex spreadsheet, were able to specify the cable length and connector for every last patch point from XLR male or female, 1/4″ TRS or even DB25 connectors for our AD/DA converters. The new system features high quality, low-noise cable terminated using ELCO connectors on the patchbay side and whatever connector we specified on the other end. Bob hand soldered all of the 1152 solder points and made each line the perfect length to reach it’s associated rack bay. We also set many rows to be “normalled” so that the audio signal flows automatically to another piece of gear without needing a patch cord, further improving the sound and simplifying our setup.

We took great pleasure in getting rid of our large collection of relatively cheap plastic molded 1/4″ patch cables and replacing them with Mr. Patchbay’s custom Mogami TT/Bantam cables, built to last.

Once we reconnected our gear, the difference was instantly audible – we had absolutely gained a db or two of gain and the high end clarity was profoundly improved. We could not be happier with Mr. Patchbay’s work and the price is untouchable!  (Check out Bob’s website – he has worked with a staggering number of studios installing patchbay systems and with artists as FOH engineer including Pink Floyd!)

The improvement in audio quality inspired us to replace all of the existing multi-channel snake cables that connect the live room and iso booths to the patchbay with brand new Canare cable. Several hundred solder points later, we had added new connectors on both ends and we are glad to report that any number of audio gremlins have seemingly evaporated.

We’re loving our new setup – come down and hear the difference for yourself!

2020 at Acadia

Well, this was… a year. But we’re thankful that despite it all we were still able to keep our doors open and make music. We’ve listed more details with links to listen and buy music below.

Row 1 L-R:

Turn Blue (Single) from Crystal Canyon
Biloxi (Single) from Lauren Crosby Feat. Griffin Sherry
The Homebodies S/T
Illogical Irrational Dimensions Lichti Rahn
Phantom’s Made Permanent Eave
Sunshine or Rain G. Stephen Bosk Band
Illumine Jed Wilson and Tony Falco
Heartache & Roses Gunther Brown
Blood of The Swine Megog

Row 2 L-R:

Jeff Beam S/T
Built for Sin Apollyon
Symphonic Liberties Gary Lenaire
Thieves Like Us (Single) Sonic Libido
Another Life Amos Libby with Douglas Porter
Max Mamon
Mémère & Me: Acadian Folksongs from Maine Robert Sylvain, Jr.
Persephone in the Late Anthropocene Denis Nye of Hinge/Works
Honky-Tonkin’ in #Acadia David Scott Norton

Row 3 L-R:

The Perfect Trip III Caleb Hickman
Sunlight Alejandra O’Leary
That Rock N’ Roll it Won’t Leave Me Alone 3rd Shift
Canned(id) Willing Seeds
Lord Earth III: The Return of the Death Rider Lord Earth
Birds of a Feather Andy Penk
Casualties Murcielago
To Lose Everything (Single) Sonic Libido
Local Celebrity (Single) Bad Combo

Row 3 L-R:

SnugHouse Vol 2. SnugHouse
Steadman’s Landing S/T
Every Little Star (Single) Crystal Canyon
Fearless & Peerless (Single) Sonic Libido
Sheepscot Valley Enchantress Lauren Crosby
Revival Chrome Roses
Borrowed Time Memphis Lightning
Into the Ether Zeke and the Endorphins

2019 at Acadia

2019 turned out to be another year jam-packed with great players, a fantastic set of sonically diverse projects, and some awesome new studio upgrades. Our top new gear highlights from this year include 8 channels of aurora preamps (GTP8), a Wurlitzer upright piano, a Hammond SoloVox, an Ampeg SVT910 guitar/bass cabinet, an otamotone, and of course our new commercial-grade Bunn coffee maker to fuel it all.

We’re also in the midst of a studio re-wire, which, if all goes according to plan, will end with the debut of our brand new patchbay, custom designed (by Mr. Patchbay) to improve ALL of the connections we have between our gear. We’re so excited to hear the difference it’s going to make!

Of course, we’d be nowhere without the incredible musicians who chose to record and mix their records with us this year. Over the course of 2019 we worked on over 70 different projects, 40 of which were released this year. We are so happy and humbled to help support Maine’s music scene and we hope you’ll take some time to listen to these records.

  1. Colorful Pains by Asodi
  2. Borscht Belt Vol 1: Ode to Pasqually by Boat Dares 
  3. Borscht Belt Vol 2: Mouse Casino and the Unicorn by Boat Dares 
  4. Bathroom Noises EP by Billy Midol 
  5. Coil of Suns by Burr 
  6. Sweet Like Honey Claire Scott 
  7. Shallow Waters by Clapping In Irons 
  8. Mystic River by Conor Mulroy 
  9. Loaf by Conor Mulroy 
  10. Music for the Wicked Vol V and IV Damnationland 
  11. Stay With Me by Duquette 
  12. Brick City Sound by El Grande
  13. Dreamcatcher by  Eli Gilbert 
  14. Destroyer and Terminer by Feral 
  15. The Dark Side of Frankie Moon by Frankie Moon and the Dave Matthewses Band 
  16. Down To My Last Million by Ghost Atlantic 
  17. Dead Man’s Motto by Greg Klein 
  18. Reborn (a single from Gaia and Friends) record by Crystal Fighters
  19. Boomerang (single) Crystal Canyon
  20. New Man Single Gunther Brown 
  21. Dressed in Black and Don’t Bury Me by I Suppose You Know Karate 
  22. Order of the Epimethean Flame by Imipolex 
  23. Stephen King (single) by Jeff Beam 
  24. Scenes from Somewhere Maine by Johnny Crashed 
  25. Kirtonium S/T 
  26. I Said Take Me To The Water by Lauren Crosby 
  27. New Mythologies for Trumpet(s) by Mark Tipton 
  28. Live and Raw by Memphis Lightning 
  29. So Many Things by Riverton Diesel 
  30. The Water Is Wide by Rob Spaulding
  31. Hopeful by Sam Hastings 
  32. Trembling and Shorn by Shabti 
  33. The Kraken Sleepeth by The Shank Painters 
  34. Go Away (Single) by Sonic Libido 
  35. Gone by Festus 
  36. Welcome to Trash Clown City, The Secret City of The Absent Sane by The Bumbling Woohas 
  37. Fade To Black by The Folding Faces
  38. Viva by Viva and the Reinforcements 
  39. No. 5 by Welterweight
  40. Beyond The Pale by Zeke and the Endorphines 
  41. Sometimes years by Proof Box

Things to look forward to in 2020:

  1. Amos Libby with Douglas Porter
    Buck Edwards
  2. Dave Mallett
  3. Dave Wakefield
  4. Dove Pax
  5. Jeff Beam
  6. Gunther Brown
  7. Crystal Canyon
  8. Third Shift
  9. Eave
  10. Luniere
  11. Alejandra O’Leary
  12. Willingseeds
  13. Sonic Libido
  14. Murcileago
  15. G. Stephen Bosk Band
  16. Gary Lenaire
  17. FBB
  18. David Scott Norton
  19. Apollyon
  20. Michael Hurt and the Haunted Hearts

If you want to listen on Spotify, we’ve got you covered.