Preacher’s Fire June 2017

The temps are rising so stay hydrated with good music and good drinks… Here are our top picks from this month’s Preacher’s Fire. Cover art for this issue by Bellows @bellowstattooer. Submit yer shows for next month to

  • Thursday June 8: Bully mammoth and Cushing 9pm at Genos
  • Saturday June 10: 6th Annual Mathew’s Old Port Fest. Rooftop Weekend– feat. Tall Horse and The Worst
  • Sunday June 11: 6th Annual Mathew’s Old Port Fest. Rooftop Weekend– feat. I Suppose You Know Karate
  • Friday June 16: Tiger Bomb at Congress Square Park 6pm, and Eyeball at Mathew’s Pub 8pm
  • Friday June 30: Bully Mammoth at Bayside Bowl 8pm, and Mallett Brothers Band at Port City Music Hall 8pm

Preacher’s Fire May 2017

Preacher’s Fire is here for you this month, so that y’all can recover from your early spring sunburns by heading indoors and listening to our fav. Maine musicians. Here are the shows we recommend:

  • Thursday 5/9 Battery Steel at Empire 9pm
  • Friday 5/19 All Night, Cushing at Genos 9:30pm
  • Saturday 5/20 All Roads Music Festival featuring Mallett Brothers Band, Tall Horse and others, in Belfast ME
  • Friday 5/26 Ghosts of Johnson City at Blue 6pm, Will Bradford at Empire 9pm.

Preacher’s Fire April 2017

Lots of great music to check out this month as the ground thaws around us. Cover art by Brian Doody. To submit events for the next edition email listings to by 4/27.

Here are a few of the shows you should go to if yer smart:

Friday 4/7 – Tall Horse and others in “Modality” at Urban Farm Fermentory
Saturday 4/8 – Battery Steele at Bissell Brothers in Thompson’s Point
Purse, Cushing, Burr at 111A Anderson St
Monday 4/10 – All Night at Geno’s 9pm
Thursday 4/13 – Falls of Rauros, Forêt Endormie at SPACE, 8:30pm
Friday 4/21 – Samuel James & Dana Gross at Blue, 8pm
Friday 4/28 – Sunrunner at SPACE, 8:30pm