Dangerous ST Monitor

Every once in a while a piece of gear comes along that completely changes your workflow, a piece that once it is implemented you can’t ever imagine how you got by before without it. This has been the case since we added this Dangerous ST Monitor controller setup to our workstation. I can’t praise the Dangerous Music team enough for their care in R&D and design– they are all audio engineers creating devices that streamline productivity, and the end result makes all of our jobs easier without compromising audio quality. This little unit has distilled all of my essential tasks to be easily accessible for efficient tracking and mixing. It recreates a console’s master section, with a stereo (upgradeable) remote-controlled input source and speaker switcher, cue/talkback system, and headphone amplifier all in one space rack.

DSC_0121While the best part of this unit is obviously the sexy lighting display, there are a few other features that make it indispensable during my sessions: a stepped analog volume attenuator (done via relays not level-controlled IC Chips, that’s why it sounds so good), programmable ins and outs for multiple sources, speakers with independent subwoofer control, and a built-in talkback mic and 20 watt headphone amp.The Monitor ST also has dual control and dedicated slate output, which allows me to give the producer his own talkback button and set up a great headphone mix. This setup can also be upgraded and expanded with other units they make to achieve 5.1 down the road.

Even beyond the pristine audio quality it is the ease of access that really sold me on this unit: the monitor ST allows me control the entire system right from the sweet spot. Being able to hear exactly what has been captured on all of our formats has greatly improved my mixes saving me and my clients time and money.  It truly has become the heart of the whole mix room.