Looking back on 2017

We really went nuts this year, and we’re pretty proud of the records that were tracked and mixed at the studio in 2017. Take a look at our year-in-review, and then get thee to a record store or digitally purchase some local music, and treat your ears! As always, we are constantly astounded by the musicianship in this town, and are so excited to see all these groups back in the studio for their upcoming projects!

2017 Albums L-R

Row 1:
The Devil’s Gold, The Ghosts of Johnson City
Iatrophobia, Outsiders PBR
Damnationland Music For the Wicked Vol III
Going to the Shake-Up/Shake It Up, Bloodshot Bill and Friends
Waiting on and Answer, Andy Penk
Étire Dans Le Ciel Vide, Forêt Endormie
The Falling of the Pine, The Mallett Brothers Band
First Dance, Susie Pepper Quartet

Row 2:
Vision, Muckie Mittens
No Time Now, Gary Lenaire
Square 1, The Cosmonautz
Crooks, Los Federales
High Water Hobo, The Muddy Marsh Ramblers
Darling, Randi Caswell
Great American Novel, Buck T. Edwards
Psycho Classical, Caleb Hickman
Banana Split, KG Freeze & 300 Calories

Row 3:
A Little Grace, The Reverie Machine
Duck Butt, Nate Gibson
Let It Bully, Bully Mammoth
Great North Band
A Wilderness Left Untamed, Zud
Lost Islands, Richard Parks
Got Another Baby, C. Davis, L. Wray
Vigilance Perennial, Falls of Rauros

Row 4:
The Desert of When, Noonday Crawlers
Alchemist’s Dream, Mark Tipton and Les Sorciers Perdue
Because Tomorrow, David Grant and The Reveals
Rocket Baby, Rocket J
Wires & Tubes, Leverett
The Razor’s Edge, Black Box Recovery
Ornaments, Builder of the House
Something Came From Nothing, Jeff Beam