Preacher’s Fire October 2016

Hey all check out this months new format of Preacher’s Fire, More stuff: Pages, Listings, Ads, Interviews, Art, and a sweet editors note section which John Morse gave us his undying love. We proudly support and love the underground music scene that Portland and New England has to offer. Happy 1 year anniversary and we are proud to have been a part of it! This Month’s Cover art is by MAD.

Shows you should see:

  • Battery Steele 10/8 Bayside Bowl 9pm
  • Sylvia, Gadget, Vermin Womb 10/8 Geno’s 9pm
  • Discharge & Eyehategod 10/12 Brighton Music Hall, Allston Ma.
  • Damnationland 2016 Maine Horror Film Fest. 10/14, State Theater Portland 6:45pm
  • Shellac 10/20 Space Gallery
  • An Anderson, Cushing, Burr, Chung Antique 10/25 Geno’s 8pm
  • Show me the Body & Phallus Uber Alles 10/26 Space Gallery 7:30pm
  • Apollyon & Cadaverette 10/29 Geno’s 8pm
  • Ogre & The Tarantula Bros 10/29 ALL AGES Bayside Bowl 8pm
  • Halloween Party at Space Gallery 10/29 8:30pm

Now get out and see Live Music!!!

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