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“When I first started coming to Todd he quickly learned my personality, made me feel comfortable, and guided me through the process of making a studio album. Dark Hollow had already made one album, but we didn’t really leverage the role of the producer. Working with Todd was a whole new world.  We came in for two 16 hour days and laid down 15 songs that we had been practicing for what would become American Ghosts. 

On Todd’s suggestion we then took a month off from the studio to think about treatment and arrangement.  When we came in not only were we in a better space to record the songs but Todd had a pile of instruments that he wanted us to try certain parts with and constructive helpful thoughts on arrangements. There is an impressive amount of gear at the artists finger tips and Todd knows how to use and record all of it. There is an intimate quality to Acadia that can capture the ambience needed for a more intimate performance, but also has the flexibility to accommodate a larger ensemble. Todd knew just how far he could push each band member to get a great performance, and what to add to enhance a track. That album far exceeded what we were expecting. I knew at that point that Acadia was where I wanted to make albums. There was so much to learn and such a positive environment to do it in. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Acadia is unique.  Todd can work fast and his energy is infectious.”

-GK, Dark Hollow Bottling Company



“Having recorded our last EP at Acadia, we knew there was nowhere we would rather do our new album. Translating the material from our live set to a record would not be straightforward, but we had total confidence that Todd would be able to help us navigate that process. We were coming from the more traditional acoustic band arrangement to this new kind of hybrid, but we knew that in the studio we would want all options available to get the sound the songs needed. This meant using a combination of existing loops, creating new sounds, and using acoustic drums depending on the track. Also, some of the sounds we get by using effects while playing live could be enhanced, while other sounds could happen on different instruments altogether. With Todd, we could explore myriad ways to get the right sound for each song. As an example of the ease of collaborating with Todd, during a session I was picking my way through playing a drum part and had an idea for a pretty specific sound I wanted to try, but I wasn’t at all sure how to explain what was in my head. Before I had even found the right words to describe this effect, Todd had already created it on the computer and was playing it back to me.”

-Elliot Heeschen, Builder of the House



“As a musician who has recorded at Acadia with multiple bands, I can safely say that this studio is a true gem of the Portland music scene. Todd has an excellent ear, from detecting when any instrument or voice is slightly out of tune to determining the exact effect or mix to bring out the best in every track. His suggestions are tasteful and non-intrusive, and respectful of the artist’s original vision… I’m constantly looking for an excuse to get back here and do more work.”

–Remy Brecht, Eyeball



“I had a wonderful experience tracking here. Great sounding room, great vibe, and some really nice gear. Jason was a total pro engineering, got great sounds right off the bat, and made everything go smoothly for us. We got everything done in one session, and that speaks volumes about Jason’s expertise. I’ve been lucky enough to to record in some kickass studios, and I would put Acadia right up there. A++”

-Craig Weaver, The Great North Band