Toft ATB24 Console

After a wild 24-hour-cross-country adventure we are happy to announce that we have a beautiful new-to-us 24 channel Toft ATB24 console here at Acadia!

Todd had been on the lookout for a Toft to replace our Soundcraft console for a while and Jason was also interested in a Toft, having cut his teeth on Trident 80 series consoles, designed by Malcom Toft. Recently an ATB24 came up online for a decent price, complete with the meter bridge PLUS a custom built, VERY solid wood studio desk with integrated rack spaces. The only catch–it was located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The huge wooden desk meant shipping was out of the question…

A little research revealed that it was about 1000 miles by car, a one-way truck rental was reasonable and one-way flights direct from Logan were available.  The next thing we knew, it was 2am and Todd was driving engineer Jason and intern Brian to the airport. We landed in Charlotte and were picked up at the airport by Joel, the seller. We all had breakfast (Brian got his first taste of real southern grits) and went to Joel’s studio to load the rental truck. Joel was a very cool guy and has a great spot to record.

A little over 24 hours after leaving Portland the guys were back at Acadia dropping off the new console. We had it up and running the very next day and got to use it for a session with The Mallett Brothers Band. The new board is super quiet, has fantastic analog vibe and the EQ is powerful and musical.

We can’t wait to install the beautiful solid wood studio desk (custom built by Joel) that came with the console during our annual holiday week “rewire” session where we disconnect all of our gear and perform maintenance.

Come book a session and hear our new Toft for yourself!