Updating the Control Room

Once a year we unplug ALL of our equipment in the control room and take to opportunity to clean the dust out of our outboard gear, make any necessary repairs, and organize our cabling and patchbay.

It’s always exciting to update and optimize our workspace. This year we took the extra step of completely redesigning the layout of the control room. When we purchased our TOFT ATB24 Console last year, it came with a beautiful custom built desk and integrated equipment racks. The console now sits front and center, making setting up cue mixes and using Toft’s very musical eq on the way in much simpler.

Thanks to the new desk, the control room has a much more open feel and all of our outboard gear is close at hand. We have also improved the experience for the client, the control room seating is now has a more intimate and relaxed feeling.

Come book a session with us and see for yourself!