What to Listen To: Greg Klein’s Playlist

GK in the studio working with Peter Himmer who recorded vibes on his latest record.

We’ve got another playlist for y’all to listen to (check out our whole playlist series here)! This one is by Greg Klein (GK), who is no stranger to Acadia. He’s recorded three records with Dark Hollow Bottling Company, one record with The Worrisome Hearts, one record with GK and the Right of Way, and we’ve been recording his latest solo project, GROW, here at Acadia this past winter thru the spring. GK has also been bringing in a ton of exceptional local musicians to play on this latest project. Look forward to hearing Drew Wyman on bass, our very own Jason Phelps sharing some tasty guitar licks, drums by Charles C Gagne of the Mallett Brothers Band, Timothy Patrick Emery on guitar, Susie Pepper singing harmonies, and Flash Allen playing organ, among others! It’s going to be a great record for sure!

We’re excited to share a little bit of what GK listens to when he’s not making music himself: Take a listen to his playlist below, along with a few notes for the songs he has included. As always, happy listening!

Sun of Bum – Jimmy Smith songs have a phrasing that I find so unique.  And somehow he sings like that and plays bass at the same time. Yacht Dance –  The way they layers guitar parts together. Man out of Time –  Its really the intro/outro concept in this tune that I used on a tune on my album. The Only Answer – He makes simple so good. Anything You Want –  The way they layer instruments is so tasty.  I love the feel of this tune. Looking Forward to Seeing You – Harmonies, hook. Car – Song structure is so interesting. Sway –  Feel, tone, testicles. O, My Soul – I love how this song evolves.  It ends somewhere very different from where it started, but it doesn’t feel that way.  Totally tried to steal this concept. 6’1” – lyrics, feel. Nobody Up Drinking – keep it simple.