Wurlitzer Upright Piano

Acadia acquires a new upright piano

We had a long relationship with a well-loved Chickering piano here at the studio. It’s original owner was interested in bringing it home after many years of service at Acadia.

We are very lucky to have a 1929 Steinway Long A Grand Piano here at the studio but some music requires a different sound – this is where an console piano comes into play.

We knew of a Wurlitzer console piano that was looking for a new place to live, we just had to get it here. We hired Jeff Day and his crew from The Piano Movers of Maine to safely move this extremely heavy Wurlitzer piano from a 2nd floor apartment down a flight of stairs onto the icy sidewalk and finally into the live room here at the studio! After an expert tuning by Alexander Peppe of Alex’s Piano Service, she’s settled into the live room, and we’re happy to have it in service – in fact we used it for the first time with Jeff Beam in a session and it sounds great!