2016 Albums

As we trek bravely into December, it seems that the time has come to reflect on the considerable number of musicians that 2016 brought into the studio. Over here at Acadia we continue to be impressed by the wealth of talent that the beautiful city of Portland, Maine has to offer. Our creative and collaborative projects spanned Americana, Graveyard Blues, Post Rock, and Black Metal, and we had the pleasure of working with a dynamic range of talented groups, recording and tracking some awesome records. Here are some of the featured albums that came out of the studio this year (and a few singles for records that will be out in early 2017…) be sure to give them a listen and gift them to all your friends (word on the street is that everyone loves a great locally-produced CD as a holiday gift).

  1. Single: Look at the Man, Builder of the House
  2. Curse of Cushing, Cushing
  3. Damnationland: Music for the Wicked Vol. II
  4. Desperate Neon, Dark Hollow Bottling Company
  5. Hellcat EP, Drivetrain
  6. Angels on Your Pillow, Devils In My Head, Fat Knuckle Freddy
  7. Forbes/Wilson, The Forbes Brothers
  8. In Search of Isabella, Ghost Atlantic
  9. Demo, Phallus Über Alles
  10. Put It In The Pool, Purse
  11. Country’d, Welterweight
  12. Single: Backyard Pine, North Atlantic

While 2016 is coming to a close, some of our projects are just gearing up, and some records are on the brink of being released into the world! We’re already excited to share a lot of great albums with you early next year from Falls of Rauros, Ghosts of Johnson City, Crystal Canyon, The Worst, Mean Mugg, Bully Mammoth, Haru Bangs, Los Federales, Quad, and Mallet Brothers Band, among others.

We hope y’all have a great end to 2016, and if you’re thinking about getting into the studio, give us a shout!