About Us

What We Do

DSC_0045We work both as musicians and audio professionals to help make good sounding records. We love to experiment with equipment from the distant past, present, and future to achieve new and interesting sounds through both digital and analogue recording formats. Past projects have included anything between mixing previously recorded material to working with musicians to help them produce their project from the ground up. We have access to a large variety of talented musicians for all budgets and styles. Acadia continues to collaborate with community members by supporting local music events including the 48 Hour Music Festival and Damnationland.

Acadia also works closely alongside Pat Keane of Pat Keane Mastering (PKM).

“I can’t say enough about the experience we had at Acadia. Our band, the Muddy Marsh Ramblers, just recorded our latest record there. We were really impressed by the professionalism and good energy surrounding us throughout all of our sessions with Alice and Jason. Jason Phelps is a gifted musician, producer and engineer who is unbelievably tech savvy; with an ear for music that translates into a beautiful recording. I highly recommend recording with Jason.”

-Shawn Davis, Muddy Marsh Ramblers

Physical Space

Live RoomLarge (26×26) comfortable live room (a favorite for drum tracking) with reclaimed hardwood floors, surrounded by three separate isolation booths with great sight lines into the live room. The control room has hybrid analogue/digital capacity. We’re located in the heart of Bayside, downtown Portland which is walking distance to restaurants and has plenty of parking.


Location & Directions

img-mapAcadia Recording Company is conveniently located at 105 Hanover Street in Portland, Maine. Click here or on the map image to the right for driving directions.


Started in the early 2000s, Acadia has been working with a range of clients and musical styles to create interesting albums, EPs, and singles. The studio is co-owned by Todd Hutchisen and Jason Phelps, who have been staples of the Portland music scene for well over 25 years, in performance, service, and teaching roles. Todd is first and foremost a musician and multi-instrumentalist, who has played in nationally touring bands, which helps guide his approach during recording sessions. Todd has also been extensively involved in theater, choir, and musical ensembles, and currently plays guitar and sings with Crystal Canyon. Jason Phelps is also no novice to the music world. He has been involved with all aspects of performing, recording, producing, and teaching music his entire life. He currently plays in A Band Beyond Description, The Strangely Possibles, and sits in with a myriad of local bluegrass groups. Jason loves his job here at Acadia because it combines his passions for working with music, people and technology.