Preacher’s Fire July 2017

Preacher’s Fire is out and about! Grab a copy around town, or check out our digitized version below. There is definitely a great month of music ahead! We recommend you check out the following shows:

  • Saturday 7/8– Tall Horse, Purse, $300, Ossalot 8:30 PM SPACE Gallery ($8)
  • Wednesday 7/12– Crystal Canyon, The English Muffins, Ratboys 8pm SPACE Gallery ($8)
  • Thursday 7/13– Tiger Bomb at Congress Square Park (Free)
  • Saturday 7/15– Covered in Bees 9pm Bayside Bowl (Free) AND Mouth Washington, $300 7pm Matthew’s Pub ($3)
  • Thursday 7/18- Superorder 8pm Geno’s Rock Club (Free)
  • Friday 7/21- Battery Steele 8pm at Aura AND Johnny Cremains, The Tarantula Brothers 9:30pm at Empire ($7) AND Dana Gross 6pm at Blue
  • Friday 7/28- Ghosts of Johnson City 6pm at Blue

This month’s cover art is by Sophie Cangelosi. You can submit upcoming events to